PerfectlyFlawed Productions

PerfectlyFlawed Productions

PerfectlyFlawed Productions is a collaborative art community which seeks to help people unlock their creativity and creative self-expression while also promoting the work of each artist. As a grassroots-type initiative, PFP seeks to engage with people in the community to encourage new artists to emerge while maintaining a keen and clear view on the ideology of art as a conduit to healing and learning as an individual human, as a society, and as a planet.

PerfectlyFlawed Productions came about with a main objective to create a family-style collective of everyday people wanting to share their art with the world in meaningful ways. We aim to make the production, display, promotion, and sales of art accessible and approachable to folks not considering themselves artists or folks not able to make their art a full-time career. We are turning over every stone to unlock creativity everywhere, helping to remove the pretentious flavor of the word “art”, and allowing it to become a natural ingredient in everyone’s lives. In a time when our world is in turmoil and our collective mental health is in crisis without a fraction of enough therapists to go around, we envision PerfectlyFlawed Productions to be a community that is able to validate and amplify all artistic voices in mentally and emotionally supportive ways.

Founding artist J is a single mom with a passion for growth. Although coming from the quiet town of Sutton, MA, she has lived an eclectic, multi-faceted journey that has led all over the nation and back again. Springing up from indigenous family roots and a farm life upbringing, J carries with her a deep nature and nurture centered spirituality to all that she does. She is a multimedia artist with particular interests in bold color, contrast, human emotion, texture, starting conversation, transformation, connection, and the unexpected. On canvas she uses acrylic paint and various other mediums as well as a wide variety of application methods. Her sculptures are often made of many, many pieces of various and contrasting materials and objects to form one larger cohesive image. Some of her favorite materials to use are naturally sourced items from the land and sea, glass, wire, wood, and broken objects. In a world bombarding us with ways to avoid our emotions, J uses her art to challenge you to feel and explore those feelings with unfiltered honesty.

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