Pepper Gallery

Pepper Gallery

When the heart is open and you feel the inner fullness, We really want to share this energy. One of the best ways is to express through fine art, to convey a feeling of love for this world through colors. We invite you to admire the beauty of simple things surrounding us.

Thank you for visiting the gallery! Several like-minded artists from Russia presented their works here.


Professional painter, graphic artist, teacher.

In 1978 she finished art school. Since than Natalia has been teaching painting and composition at art schools.
In 1991 she graduated from the Ural State University with a degree in Art History. In 2003 she founded an art studio where she teaches children and adults painting.
Since 1985, she annually participates in local, regional and international exhibitions.
Since 2013 she is a Member of the Union of Arts of the Russian Federation (Member of International Association of Art) IAA AIAP UNESCO.
She had thirty personal exhibitions.

"My art is a glorification of the creation of the Almighty and admiration for beauty"

Graphic artist, illustrator, theater artist, costume designer, stylist

Graduated from the Architectural Academy in 1990.
She taught at the Department of Fashion Design at the Architectural Academy for 14 years. Natasha collaborates with magazines and publishing houses as an illustrator and graphic artist. She has been working for many years in show business as a costume designer and created costumes for 45 performances and shows.
"My work in the theater is connected with costumes and images, I transfer this inspiration to my artworks".

Her art is a permanent research. Tatyana strives to convey the inner sound of what she sees, enjoy the beauty and invite to admire simple things, see the philosophical fullness and meaning. The works are painted with love and charged with positive energy. Her works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Great Britain, Israel

Psychoanalyst, art therapist

"Painting is another way to establish contact with your true self, to see the soul, to know divine love... My work and my life is a study of the human soul - feelings, emotions, experiences.
Bright colors, unusual combinations of colors, thickness of lines, unusual, unexpected, independence!.. allow me to express myself and convey the mood and emotion.
A drawing that pours out energy, dynamics, life, beauty, individuality, even if "not according to the rules", will always "touch" the souls of other people.
So decide what to choose-technique and skill, or something else that resonates inside you"

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