I have been an artist for the last thirty years, working in the medium of pastels for the last twenty. I work my image on a raised drawing table, the pastel paper usually use Canson Mi-Tiente is taped securely to the hard smooth surface. I use a base color, then work in the darks to the medium shades then to the lights. Some areas of the paper will have up to six green shades in graduation of tone that gives the overall picture depth. Right now I am working on a serious of pastel paintings; size runs 20" x 25", they images of favorite places I have visited in Indiana.

One such painting is "Summer At Fraziers", it is a recreation of the ice cream institution locals brag about in Anderson, Indiana - Fraziers Dairy Maid. The soft serve ice cream and various other treats like the delicious Dream Cone is a favorite for many in Madison County. Another rare place not too many folks know about is a bluebell field at Mounds State Park. Most visitors to the National Park know only about the Indian Mounds but past the campground area to the left into a dense part of the woods is a clearing. In late spring to early summer, this field is breathtaking.

I have a permanent collection of palatial historic homes on Historic 8th Street in Anderson, Indiana and Conner Street in Noblesville on display at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital, it used to be called St. John's Healthsystems. I painted these colorful pastels over a period of four years for the hospital during 2001-2004.