Magnolia Photography

Magnolia Photography

Peggy Ho was born and lived for 6 years in Taipei, Taiwan. Her ancestors included a famous poet, sculptor and opera singer/actress.

Peggy became interested in art in college and was first drawn to throwing pots, especially the meditative qualities of that work. Later, she fell in love with figure sculpting which shared the 3 dimensional nature of pottery but was more expressive.

She studied ceramics (Raku, Native American pitfire, and high-fired porcelain) and won the Stillwell Collection award for best graphic design. She has also studied water color, acrylics, and oil painting, film making and photography.

At this point in her life, Peggy is focusing on photography as her medium. In addition to her long-standing fascination with Georgia O'Keefe, her photography is influenced by her two and one half decades of living in Hawaii, over twenty years in Berkeley, and the last seven years in Humboldt County.

Peggy's work is also influenced by Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings on the importance of a daily practice which includes experiences in nature. Peggy's photographs capture moments of nature's beauty which remind us to stay present to even the smallest gifts of beauty that are given to us every day, if we take the time to notice.

Peggy lives in Eureka with her husband Wally Lee and their dog, Sandy whom she appreciates greatly for their constancy and love.

You can see art in person at Mananilla (Henderson Center, Eureka), Blondie's Cafe (Arcata) and Art Center Space (Eureka). All photographs are for sale, please contact me at the email below for purchase details.

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Phone: 510 551 4924


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