Pebble Zoo Stone Pets

Hello and welcome to Pebble Zoo!

I started Pebble Zoo back in 1998 with a little stone mouse. These stones are from the Arizona Salt River and all are signed originals. They get scrubbed up real good and then I put on a special primer and then a base coat. They are then painted according to their shape and size and finished with a high quality outdoor sealer. They are very sturdy because I also make them to do a little job for you! Whether they're a paperweight, doorstop or bookend they will brighten your shelf, desk or doorway with their vibrant colorful selves.

Each pet has the date when they got a "life" and their weight. Some have wire stands that are specially made to display them and some can just stand alone like the doorstop pets. Some have built in bases like the owls. Most are about one to four pounds each.

Painting these little guys has given me a lot joy over the years and although I cannot paint any more I do have a bunch of little pet stones that still need a good home. They will definitely keep you happy and amused for as long as you have them.

Thank you for visiting Pebble Zoo