Pebbles Portraits

Pebbles Portraits

I returned to art in 2016 following some time out of my professional career.I started by doing custom charcoal portraits, and then upon doing some art fairs I moved into erotic art.I was asked to do some celebrity portraits, one of which was selected for a commemorative collection in Minneapolis, USA. I have also collaborated with musicians and writers in the USA and some work was put forward for publishing in an art magazine in Australia. I spent much of the end of 2016 and early 2017 doing some self expressive artwork. These very personal pieces proved to be very popular, and the combination of artwork and poetry and excerpts from personal letters provided a unique perspective to my work in order to make each piece memorable. I have since included fairies and folklore, angels, celtic and Irish mythology in my portfolio. Work by Pebbles Portraits has been exhibited in Ireland and further gallery exhibitions are being planned in 3 UK locations,as well as work having been submitted to 2 international magazines for publication . Commission pieces are also available upon request. I have previously taken commissions in England, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Italy and America.

Self expressive collection
Through this collection, I attempt to provide a fresh set of eyes through which to observe what are common elements of life, emotions that invariably affect us all at one time or another, to become more connected with an increasingly unconnected world.
In today’s society it is so easy to feel isolated due to overwhelming emotions which we often do not have the courage to share openly, as we believe it will make us vulnerable and weak. Through this collection, I attempt to use both art and poetry as a creative tool with which to offer a unique perspective on these realities. When I did this collection, I thought that people wouldn’t understand the true sentiment behind these very personal pictures, but the overwhelming response to them demonstrated that we as human beings, often have more in common than we realise.

Erotic collection
Given that I work with such a simple medium as charcoal, when working on the Erotic collection, I wanted to produce pictures that reflected this simplicity, but in a way that could at times display a certain level of elegance. This was achieved using a high contrast effect, where the focus is on areas of light and dark, as opposed to particular details, with the intention of the end result being a picture, where the light source is often at an acute angle to the subject, creating highlights and shadows to accentuate the subjects curves and muscle tone.

Everyone has an idea of what they believe makes a good portrait. As with the erotic collection, I generally try to focus on areas of light and dark, while trying to focus on one detail of that person, whether it be a facial feature or an element of the person’s character. In this way the portrait is intended as a conduit to convey transference of emotion about that person, directly from the subject to the viewer’s mind.

self expressive


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