Peter Chin

Hello. I'm Peter. I love to draw and colour. Some of my hobbies include collecting philatelic items, marine fishkeeping and model kit building. Art subject and topics that interest me the most are coral reefs, beautiful twilight sceneries and also modern military vehicles. I love everything that has to do with lots of colours despite the fact that I"m partially colour-blind. And that's why the ocean's coral reefs fascinates me a lot. Shown of this website are some of my recently completed works. I only use high quality pencil colours and colour them on fine art paper. They are meticulously and intricately finished and I will only upload my work with I'm 100% satisfied. Some of the hues may not be correct as I'm partially colour blind but this does not deter me to being an artist. I also have a passion for drawing cartoons. Because of the difficulty in getting manuscripts published traditionally, I've self-published a humorous illustrated cartoon book by the title of The Lighter Side of Life. You can check out some samples in the photo section in my Facebook page Peter C H Chung. This book which has 240 strips of cartoons can be easily purchased from most online book stores. Another favourite pastime of mine is playing the piano. Please be free to check out some of my musical scores at Just key in Peter Chin Piano and you will be treated to some lovely melodies. Lastly I hope you'll be impressed by my artwork shown here. I try to make my artwork to be likeable to everyone and I hope that by looking at my art you'll be more relaxed with peace and tranquility focused in the mind. Thank you.