Patricia Benitez Art

Patricia Benitez Art


Patricia Benitez is a formally trained fine artist, specializing in oil painting. Her work is a never-ending attempt to realize the perfection of the human form and keep true to the traditional principles of art, all the while superimposing her own dark and unmistakable otherworldly aesthetic.

She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting, has won the prestigious Karen Ziccardi Award consecutively in 2008 and 2009, and routinely has her work featured in local as well as international exhibits and publications. She currently works as an independent fine artist and designer in the NYC area.


“A slightly sadistic need to repulse fuels me. I work by manipulating darkness, anatomy, and mood. I distort the human body in ways that have caused reactions of disgust and discomfort. I present a darkened reality, which I force my viewers to face. I use my work as an expression of my desire to manipulate emotions, to perplex, to overwhelm.”

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