My name's Paula, and I'm a young artist from Barcelona, Spain.
I enjoy painting with different materials such as gouache (which has become my favourite and main painting medium), watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil colors, etc.
I usually paint landscapes, flowers, animals or abstract paintings, but when I want to get out of my comfort zone I also try and paint people, recreate art that has already been made, scenes from movies, or existent characters (in my own style) and try different painting styles.
I wouldn't say that I have a solid painting style of my own, I'm still discovering it.

My knowledge of art and painting techniques that I use come from some painting classes that I took as a child, but also watching my dad and granddad painting for hours and drawing by their side. I would say that I'm influenced by their passion for realism and perfectionism, but I'm also influenced by the art made by the Studio Ghibli, other animes from my childhood, different styles of ilustrating, artists such as Klimt and upcoming artists from this decade (2010s - 2020s), next to many other styles. So, to sum up, I'd say that I'm influenced by a great variety of styles and ideas, and I enjoy keeping on being exposed to other artists and their styles and learning from them.

About my gallery and the art I'll be selling here; I hope that someone may find peace, happiness, confusion, experience all kinds of emotions through my work just as I feel and experience through other artists' works of art.

Thank you very much for visiting, and I hope you come back soon!


Monochromatic flowers