Pavel Lyakhov ART

Pavel Lyakhov ART

«There is not good, there is no evil. There is only eternity and momentary subjective attitude.»

A little about me:
Pavel Lyakhov was born in 28.05.1982 in Moscow.
The artist participates in exhibitions and international art competitions since 1994
Preference: monumental painting, modern art in all its manifestations.
The Creator of the style DARK-MODERN (expressive art based on horror and mysticism).

• Art school of a name of V. A. Vatagin.
• The Moscow state academic art school of memory of 1905.
• School of contemporary art "Free workshops" in Moscow Museum of modern art.

List of exhibitions and events:
1998, may. Thematic art exhibition, held at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Moscow
2005, July. Personal exhibition "DARK-MODERN Art". Library No. 204, Moscow
2006, Feb. Personal exhibition "borderline perfect". Library No. 204, Moscow
2006 , March-June. Curatorial project of Pavel Lyakhov: "Beyond imagination and the colors of nature". Library No. 156, Moscow
2007, Feb. Personal exhibition "Transformation of mind", master-class dark-modern painting. State exhibition hall "na Kashirke", Moscow
2007, Aug. Curatorial project of Pavel Lyakhov: "Dark surrealism". Library No. 204, Moscow
Sept, 2007. Participation in the program "Big" on TV channel "Culture"
2007, Dec. "Geysers of subconsciousness 2". Gallery "On Solyanka", Moscow
2008, Jan. Curatorial project of Pavel Lyakhov: "the Birth of the Apocalypse." Dubninskaya street, Moscow
2008, Oct.. "Theme of death in contemporary art". Moscow
2009, July. "Geysers subconscious 3". State exhibition hall "At Solianke", Moscow
2009, Oct. "Universe in which I want to live." Public library named Dante, Moscow
2009, Nov. "Wonderland". Club "Phonteq house", Moscow
2009, Dec. "Geysers of subconsciousness 5". Art center "Winzavod", Moscow
2010, Feb. Curatorial project of Pavel Lyakhov: "All shades of Darkness". International exhibition of dark art. "Gallery "N"," Moscow
2010, April. "Geysers of Subconsciousness at the Kremlin", Moscow
2010, June. "Infrastructure". Antivirale, "Let's Go! Where are you going?"
2010, June. "TRANSFORMATION". Antivirale, "Let's Go! Where are you going?", Puteprovod Rustaveli "FLACON", Moscow
2010, Aug. "GEYSERS SUBCONSCIOUS-6", gallery A-3, Moscow
2010, Oct "GROUND". (Draft of Yuri's Kuevda supported by the Center for the Dark Arts of Pavel Lyakhov). DEPO, Moscow
2010, Oct. Participation in the exhibition in Rosgostrah, Moscow
2010 Oct. "On the contrary". Center for contemporary art "WINERY". Curator Vladimir Potapov.
2010, Dec. " 2, PROTO-2"., the project "Open stage". Ul. Cook, D. 20, Moscow
2010, Dec. "Many - Many". "Gallery on Vspolny". Vspolny pereulok, Dom 3., Moscow
2010, Dec. "The Contest." Indoor racetrack CSKA Moscow.
2011, Feb. Exhibition as part of art group BLACKMEAT. Slaskie quarries, Moscow region.
2011, March. "55/3". ARTPLAY design centre, hall "the Laboratory", Moscow
2011, March. "Yin-Yang", the State Central Museum of Contemporary history of Russia, Moscow
2011, April. "Monsters. Mythological characters". Fund of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin, St. Petersburg.
2011, June. "BRANDBOOK". Curator Alex Iorsh. DEPO, Moscow
2011, Nov. "the FOREST" art group BLACKMEAT (K. TARASOV and P. LYAKHOV). DEPO, Moscow
2011, Nov-Dec. "All on "bl"". Zverev center for contemporary art, Moscow
2012, April. "?S" the art group BLACKMEAT. Gallery "Be In Art", Moscow
2012, may. "STUFFING". DEPO, Moscow
2013, Mar. "MAY" Krasnodar
2013, April. Personal exhibition "BETWEEN". Gallery "Be In Art", Moscow
2013, may. The "Confrontation" at the festival "night AT the MUSEUM 2013"
2013 June. The project "Absence" in gallery A-3, Moscow
2014, Oct 8 - ?. "Exhibitions will not be!", virtual project
2015, 9 - 13 Nov. "Participation in the TVshow Dinner Party on TV channel REN-TV", an exhibition of DARK-MODERN art of P. Lyakhov. Performance Of "Recycling"
2015, 4 - 6 Dec. Project INNER FREEDOM

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