Paul White

Paul White

Paul White was born February 24th, 1995 in Tofino B.C. He was artistically active from a young age, but became more serious about his art going into high school. He is currently attending VIU in Nanaimo, working towards a visual arts major. His mother, who runs a pottery studio/shop from their home, and father, who designs and builds houses for clients locally, worked to make a creative environment for Paul to be raised in, which influenced him to become artistically active. At a young age his works primarily were focused in pencil drawn portraits of famous actors or musicians, and iconic movie characters. This time self-teaching was the beginning to learning value, shading, and portraiture. Through high-school and on through college Paul has worked across a variety of mediums, still often referencing pop-culture icons or imagery. His current favorite mediums to work in are charcoal, spray-paint, water-colour, ink, oil paint, and 2-D digital work. He plans to take his knowledge gained from post-secondary into a realistic career where he can incorporate his creativity and understanding of fine arts.

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