Paul Weston

Born in Kalamazoo Michigan, Paul Weston has remained in Southwest Michigan area. Paul’s family moved around southwest Michigan to a lake house earlier in his life. The life experiences and observations have expired many of the artist’s projects. After high school graduation he moved to the city where he attended various universities and explored art from a city viewpoint. Always an independent and adventurous individual, he would spend his time traveling and being an outdoors person.

Paul’s artistic journey began as a child. He would draw familiar items. He studied perspective and figure drawing from books and often spent his free time sketching animals and faces from magazines with pencil and paper. Encouraged by a family, he studied art at the university and through community art classes.

Today painting in evenings and in free time, he lives in Southwest Michigan. Located next to a land preserve he enjoys biking and hiking on the weekends.


Woodstock in side pocket