Paul Prevel

Thank you for visiting my gallery and viewing my art.

I am a British artist living on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta.

Growing up, I had a love for all types of art, especially drawing and illustration, abstract designs and repeat patterns and was also very much drawn to color. Art was my favorite and most accomplished subject at school and when I finished my formal education, I was fortunate enough to embark on a four year graphic art apprenticeship which included an art course at college.

Having spent several years working as a graphic artist in a commercial design studio using traditional media, I am now combining my experience and skills to explore digital media to create works of art. As I am no longer constrained to the demands of working in a commercial studio, I am enjoying the creative freedom of producing works of art for no other reason than I enjoy doing it. As my creative journey has been graphically orientated, artwork for my designs is heavily composed of shapes, color, texture and mark making.

I hope my pieces of art gives as much pleasure to others as I have had to create them.

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