Paul's Pictures

Paul's Pictures

I live in Cumbria and think it has (from what I have seen) a great diversity of landscapes, from the serene lakeland to lush valleys of the Eden. I mainly work in oils and watercolour using strong, bold colours to capture the subject. I often like to vary the texture in my oils using thin applications in some parts and thick impastos in others. For watercolour I use a spritzer to wet the paper and get colours to really flow. I try to communicate the emotional response I get from my subject to the viewer through my work. The techniques and colour relationships I use are to achieve this. Generally I work from photographs, but at times I like to work directly from the subject to really "get the feel of things". Cumbria also has some great gardens and these have featured in my work recently.
I hope you like my paintings.


Pen and Ink

Still Life

oils and watercolours