Paul DeAngelis

Creative people have a vision of what can be and they execute such. Each person creates using a different medium--a painter may use oils or pencils, a chef chooses food, a carpenter may work in wood, a landscaper uses trees.

In my twenties, after graduating from college, I began teaching. I enrolled in Art School in Philadelphia, PA. where I studied painting, and then left to study privately with an artist. Painting was fun and rewarding and I was passionate about it, but it was not the fire inside. That was education. I went on to complete my Masters, still teaching, and then 5 years later, completed my Doctorate at Boston University. I taught in Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami, in both public and private school.

My creativity went into teaching. I was an awesome educator, and when I felt the need to be more creative, I became a good cook, wrote educational articles, spent a year at the Film School at UCLA working on screenplays, started running, took pilates, bought and renovated houses, and I painted very little.

A year ago I stopped teaching. It is still a passion, but no longer the fire. I began to paint full-time. I found the fire, and it is consuming. It is the need to say something, to express a feeling, an emotion. It pours out of me.

Someone asked me what would have happened if I never stopped painting when I was in my twenties. If I never went into the field of education. Would I have become a famous painter? How would my skill as a painter have matured? I don’t know the answer. But, I do know that I would not change a thing. I am where I am now and painting what I paint now because of all that went before. It is the right time.

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