Pat's Art  Corner

Pat's Art Corner

I am married, a licensed Chiropractor and I make crystal bead jewelry and Paintings. Art runs in the family. I am a distant relation to Normal Rockwell, but our styles are completely different! I have several recent paintings that are ready for their new homes! Some are on canvas, some are on paper. Some are acrylic paint, some are oil pastel with Polychromos pencil, and there are a few that are pencil drawings.
I love doing art! But I started my serious painting last year after the loss of my daughter to cancer. It was her supply of canvases, brushes and paints that sparked my return to my roots. I am now painting what I am drawn to, and work my Chiropractic during the week! I hope you enjoy my art! Thanks for looking!

Acrylic paintings

Oil pastels & Polychromos pencil