Patricia Syke - Independent Seller

I purchased this original painting in Hawaii. I no longer need it due to redecorating my house. It does not fit in with the updated decor. This is the only reason I am selling it.

About the painting --

Bob Pejman's fine art collection of limited edition prints and original oil paintings are of a style he refers to as Romantic Realism. His artistic inspiration for his collection of hand-embellished prints of original oil paintings is in the manner of old Masters, such as Michelangelo and Rafael, wherein he carved his own unique style that blends impressionistic colors and techniques to achieve a classical, yet contemporary style,.

In his works, Pejman creates idyllic, tranquil worlds. "There are no people in my paintings, so you can imagine yourself in the scenes", explains the artist. "The scenes are already romantic, but my idea is to make them even more so". In doing so, he pushes the colors to make them more intense and exaggerates the sunlight. "I don't simplify the shapes. You get into the cracks and feel the structures and the stones", he says, considering them to be marks of cultivated wisdom rather than declination.