Pat O'Neill

Pat O'Neill

Hi, since having been lucky enough to have moved around the world to live in various countries as well as numerous overseas holidays I am now settled in UK. Drawing on past influences I was lucky enough to have the time and encouragement from my family to become interested in creating art in a variety of different mediums.

I am an encaustic art enthusiast but also like to dabble with acrylics and various forms of application. Encaustic art is a medium that is an ancient one using hot tools to manipulate molten beeswax on a surface.

When using acrylic paints I use several different tools to apply paint to canvas for different affects. I love painting with acrylics to see, for example, the abstract effects of what a glue gun can add to a creation. The hardest part is knowing when to stop!

My latest venture is into the world of alcoholic inks. A truly fascinating medium that others make look so easy.... it is not!

So with a dose of imagination along with fantasy no two paintings are ever the same, so always unique!

Do message me if interested in an original and always happy to consider commissions!