Art by Patrick

Art by Patrick

My Websites is, Ok well sometimes I just paint wherever I'm at location location location. MY ART IS FREE HAND PAINTING A STYLE WHICH I HAVE DEVELOPED OVER THE LAST 40 SOME YEARS OF MY LIFE IT IS MY LIFE IT IS NOT DIGITALLY MANIPULATED GRAPHED DRAWN ITS JUST SPONTANEOUS PAINTING MY OWN STYLE WHICH I'M VERY PROUD OF AND FEEL CONFIDENT IN, IT HAS TAKEN MANY YEARS OF HARD WORK TO GET HERE THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. I'm a traveling artist FROM MINNESOTA NOW CALIFORNIA, recently in Venice beach and Pasadena CA with a BFA in fine art from Minnesota State University at Mankato and also an Associates Degree from Pasadena Community College I completed my degrees in 2019 hip hip HORAAH! I have won awards for oil portraits early in my career as an artist IN OWATONNA MINN. I have since developed my own unique style in modern expressionism specializing in Iconic Celebrity art, and also landscape painting basically out of necessity to survive!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because I'm also a PARTIME guitarist and serious music lover, I really respect and appreciate my patrons and people who like my work, my art prints are available at DUNN BROS. COFFEE Excelsior MN. House of Magnets in Calhoun square MPLS. MN and also several music stores including Down In the Valley Music in Golden Valley Minnesota and Its A Beautiful Day Music in Kansas City Missouri and Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach California, and off course Artpal. See more Art at