Pastel Palette

Pastel Palette

Call me Jess, Cash, or Pastel. I'm not picky.
22, Visual artist, aspiring lyricist, lives in St Louis.

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I am the ever optimistic, all-inspiring girl with a million dollar dream and not an ounce of sense. I have this condition where I smile often & awkwardly. Activities include singing, writing, laughing, drawing, inspiring, dancing horribly & talking to strangers. I fall in love with girls & poetry. I want to be the unexpected smile of your day.
I believe cuddling should be an American pass-time. Obsessed with Marina & the Diamonds, lions, Eyvind Earle, tropical, Lana del Rey, quotes, Girls for Girls, Skins, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, Pokemon, Disney, Adventure Time, cuties & inspiring shit.

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