Partners in Fire

Partners in Fire

Partners in Fire is a gallery with two artists - one who loves the fury and movement of abstract and another who is passionate about the traditionalism and structure of realism.

Melanie "Jeanie" Allen is a born creator. The entire world is her canvas. She is the owner and creator of, a website dedicated to helping people pursue their passions.

Her love affair with art began at an early age. She grew up in Chicago, and a 6th-grade art class segment on the Impressionist (along with a subsequent field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago) made her fall in love.

It wasn't until much later that she was able to explore her creativity with color and canvas. She was too practical to go to art school, but never let her passion for the field die. She used any opportunity to learn color theory, experiment with different techniques, and get engaged with the art world.

Unfortunately, bills need to be paid, and her full-time career doesn't offer much free time for practice. However, she still paints when she can, and hopes that once she achieves her "Passion Fire" goal, she will be able to focus more on creating artwork that she loves.

Abstract is her favorite art style. It's so free of restrictions and boundaries and allows the artist to experiment with color, style, and motion in ways that traditional styles can't compete with. Abstract expressionism allows the artist to uncover the secrets buried in the deepest depths of the soul and showcase to the world what we find.

B Gill is a traditionist. He loves capturing what the eye sees and transferring for to canvas (or board) for everyone to enjoy. He appreciated the structure and light already present in all forms and strives to showcase the beauty in everyday people, places, and things that aren't often celebrated.