ParticalMagic Pyramids

ParticalMagic Pyramids

The night life atmosphere, our stunning pyramids create, will set the mood, you need to quickly relax, rejuvenate, focus and heal yourself.

Pyramids Priced from $15.00

Uniquely Hidden Incredibly Groundbreaking Pyramid Relief idea's to boost your "Brain, Cognition, Memory, Health, Bank Account, Love & Sex Life".

Simply 1 to 20 minutes daily of "Relaxation Time" is Doctor recommended and encouraged. Our exotic glowing pyramids help you to fully relax, really get totally relaxed. With the use of a Black Light and a place to plant your butt for a few seconds un-interrupted, you can re-charge your body through magical relaxation.

Our Mirrored Case "made of real Hardwood Cedar", gives illusion's for the eyes when your pyramid is spun slowly in our case. Like magic Full Optical Pyramids - 4 Times Changes Center Shape When Spun inside your case with a black light. Our colorful exotic rotational glowing pyramids, all our products, glow under a Black Light.

Do you have daily body pains, get some easy relief by choosing us as your relaxation tool today. A better pain free you is possible if you will give yourself just a few minutes daily to unwind. Use us, were here to help you live better.