Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

Silvia Lana, hand lettering artist and Director of some TV commercials aired on French national television, has been working in the eld of creativity for years. Ecletic and explosive, she has grown into path of extensive research of new expressive technic, creating many inuitive fresh ideas.

It’s through String art that she express her vision, creating three-dimensional images with a strong and scenic visual. She has developed her artistic project We R All Slave to Pussy which affirms the woman free from any identifying role.

After various experiments, she brought the String Art to the wall, developing site-specific installations that create to surprising plays of light and shadow that seem to embroider the air.

She is also activists in favor of women’s rights and creators of the #nonsibaratta awareness campaign, born in 2017 on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

String Art is the best representation of her beliefs: we are all parallel lines (nails) looking for connections (wire).

We R All Slaves to Pussy