Paola's Art Gallery

Paola's Art Gallery

Hi, my name is Paola A. Alvarado F., and I am currently a student in college. I taught myself how to draw until I got to High School where I attended some Art classes. I always try to experiment with different mediums in my own time like oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastels, oil pastels, acrylics and colored pencils. I've always been passionate about art. I enjoy making surreal, realism, and abstract pieces. Also, most of the time I add symbolism which provides meaning to my art. My purpose is to show people different perspectives, and I want my art to communicate with viewers without using words. I plan to continue doing art and mastering my skills. I hope you guys like my art, and I appreciate all the support.

Pen with Watercolor/ Just Watercolor

External Art

Prismacolors/ Pastel/ Pencil

Mixed Media

Oil Paint

Ink/ Markers

Digital Art