Remember when ..

Remember when ..

I am thankful for life and for the ability to see the good and beauty in all things. l See life as a blank canvas that we each paint our own stories on. I believe that with love and understanding and commitment with humbleness and hard work life offers us more .than we could ever hope for. To fail one. Must never accept challenge and give in easily. To try and refuse to quit or give up makes winning alot easier .although I have seen many personal challenges in life ,my story is of Beauty and lore because it is my own I've seen both the positive as well as the negative energies in life and I have. Grown from my experiences and trials so
Many colors so many hue and wild texture s at times life has been nothing short of vivid abstract work of art with the most pucturesk of scenes.
My life has been somewhat at times difficult ,still I feel blessed for everyday I have lived because it was during those times that I grew into the woman I have become today .every aspect of life the good ,the bad are my inspiration. I am inspired by challenge and the lessons I have been gifted in which I learned alot. The are the gifts I am blessed to have received and would eventually make my path alot less Rocky and.easier to navigate.I may have been .born into multiple forms of abuse and abandoned by my own parents whom walkeded away and left me on my own and I have had many ups and downs and had to learn about life on my own and fight the battles of living in a world of uncertainty
I raised myself I have been tricked by the trickiest and trafficketed by snakes I found my way and rose above them all
.as a young girl.without any protector It seems there were wolves everywhere I kept my faith and kept believing I could and I would be more. I have escaped and found my way time and time again until I totally freed myself from the horrors I lived . I've climbed the mountain and I have come a long way through many challenging times and I did so alone broken yet full of hope. . I aspire now as a woman who wishes to set a iconic good example by being t
More and always kindhearted person I am .refusing to allow my battles to consume me I have been that someone.whom struggled likewise and will be a inspiration to show others that anything is possible don't give up and keep fighting I want to help others who also may be struggling through life as I did. By expressing through positive expressions of art and life .I refuse to give up and I refuse to quit just because statistics paint a different story. Than what I see .I feel we all have something to add to life and I want what I add to be remembered through my work. And through the art that I create. We all have a story and we all. Choose our destiny by the paths we take and the mistakes that we not only make along the way but the lessons in which we learn from said mistakes . Beauty comes in many shades and life offers many hues it's up to us to spread the color and paint or create something absolutely stunning out of the canvas we are blessed to call life. Be a teacher ,someone who can share the lessons they aspire to learn also be a student who is willing to learn and open to discovering the endless possibilities of life's Portraits Such beauty and Grace with so much to be learned . There is only one way we can go when we reach Rock bottom and that is up. So never look down always reach for the skies and never loose faith in your abilities,we can all paint a beautiful story that. Will inspire many for generations to come .I will be bold I tried and didn't give up and I will make a name for myself through hope and beauty that. I portray within the life of my brush . And the life I have been blessed. With this. All of my offered work. Will allow for a portion of the cost that I receive to be donated towards. A cause that will either help victims of human trafficking or disater relief funds

Bidens Betrayals

Left behind With broken promises



Peace finds grace

Peaceful pleasures

Tragedy souls