Pam's Art House

Pam's Art House

My name is Paramjeet Kaur. A resident of Frisco Texas, USA. Roots are from Punjab, brought up in Bombay, India. I work as an artist to bring life to the modern and traditional wall. (Inspirational and spiritual)
Professionally, I work in the IT and Health care stream. Educational background is in Pharmaceutical and BA.

Have done a few shows in Dallas TX, mainly in Plano and Frisco area news profile.
My work speaks as a "mix of color and texture, combined with a natural curiosity for solutions and visual communication. Love to create an interplay between the abstract and the representational while exploring both surface and meaning.

I like to cloud in warm colors as they keep me lively and full of energy. Warm colors express energy, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrancy, and attention which also plays a major role in our moods too. Want my paintings to convey my life learned messages and believe such painting will not only beautify the modern walls but the inner souls too.

A self-taught and unrestrained from the conventional method of paintings, find inspiration in the works of artist Shobha Singh, one of the great artists of the twentieth century from Punjab, India.

"It's always fascinating to pick up an empty canvas and start combining strokes, colors and thoughts".The process invents my creation. I start with an idea. One idea leads to another just as one paint stroke leads to the next.

"Painting gives me peace of mind and takes me into the depth of thoughts and makes me lost in my own world"

Paramjeet Kaur (Pam Kaur)