Pam Jessiman

Pam Jessiman

Recently I have thought about the question, "why am I an artist?" I feel that art is directly connected to emotion. Where there is pain, there is also light. And this light is art in me; a form of love to share and it gives me joy to create. My art needs to provoke emotion. When you look at it, you see fun, laughter, and most of all joy! It is my mission to share the most deepest emotion and that is my heart! It gives me life and it is my hope that you will see this in every whimsical image that is created. It is a gift from the ultimate creator himself. God is life and love!

I have been involved with the art community for several years and I am self taught in freelance illustration and also have a passion for photography. I obtained my graphic design certification in 2016, and love working with watercolor and other forms of medium as well. Many of my designs can be found on clothing, purses and other items. Some of my favorite passions are photography, watercolor and digital art. Join me in the fun by sharing my love for the arts. I especially love children's art because I probably still have the heart of a child. My original work can be purchased directly through me. Contact me at

We recently started making custom made greeting cards. Do you want to relay a message of love, send a card that has real meaning, a true keepsake! We create animals, classic cars, floral and floral wreaths. Just about anything you can imagine, even portraits hand done and sent as a greeting card. Just contact

I have photography in floral, butterflies, animals, and the next gallery will be gardens. I think the most fun is creating the children's gallery of watercolor pieces filled with Joy and Laughter, and lots of fun!

Children's Gallery


Wreaths of Joy


Butterfly Paradise

Photographic Sunsets

The Zoo Collection

Wild Life - Birds