Pam Free Fine Art

Pam Free Fine Art

I have moved from painting on paper to painting abstracts in acrylic on canvas and I love it. I paint every day and I use the flow method, allowing the colors to flow together and interact in unforeseen ways.
It is a total adventure.

I never use black. The darks in the painting come from the interactions of the pure colors.

I consider these images to be pictures of my mind as it focuses on creativity or on joy or on any emotions I might be having. I paint and the energy comes through onto the canvas.

I am being drawn to colors that I have never been attracted to in the past - mostly because I couldn't wear them! All the yellow based colors; yellow, gold, green, orange.

This is such a joyful exploration for me and my intention is to have that joy enter other's lives with my art. Art is good for the heart!