Lea was born in Rome (10/08/1998) from a French mother and an Italian father.

She spent her childhood in Rome until she left for France (Cognac) in 2016 and she lived there for a year and a half. In order to face several mental problems she started defining a new image or identity. Palineu was created by linking “Noeud” (which means knot in French) and Pali (an abbreviation of her second birth name: Pauline) with the aim of indicating the expressive troubles that “guided” Pali during her creative process and the “external”, concrete and mental difficulties that belong to her, on a conscious and unconscious dimension. A knotted Pali. (In italian Pali represents the word “palo”, which means pole. A pole that defines a limit, a pole that creates a reassurance). When she came back from France , she started studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome where she stayed for five months (2019). In August, she decided to change her “life plan” as she was not satisfied with this learning system and she began to study philosophy at Sapienza University. She is currently taking a class at Bordi Belle Arti art boutique. 

She is focusing her pictorial path on a constant evolution, a well-desiderd evolution, in order to start focusing and setting “her constrictive flow of consciousness” in other shapes and techniques. She experiences enormous problems in translating her thoughts in words, even if she tries to connect them with her personal visual representation’s objects and manifestations. She tries to identify in the best way what she wants to provide and communicate: memories, dreamworld, the nocturnal outburst: Something that is simply not said.

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