I'm a visual art fan From my childhood I admired and tried to perform art. I had always challenges for advancing in my career. Other than being talented for art, learning has it's importance for advancement. I was visual art student with some masters of art from my younger age. From each master I learnt different style of painting and step by step I began advancing and creating better paintings.

Even my youngest daughter MAHDOKHT is a very talented painter because I encouraged her to learn art, and honestly she began progressing very fast now she has some very nice paintings at home which some times I am decided to exhibit her works as well.

Calligraphy is another field which I loved very much and I learnt it from Master Zarrin Khat and attended Iranian Calligrapher's Society, there I came across several tutors who really were teaching very well to all attendants.

There is a nice saying in Persian language which says: هنر خود بگوید نه صاحب هنر
It means: The art will talk to you itself, but not the owner of the art.

Sea Horizon Sunset

North Iran Forest

Sea Horison Sunset