Painted by Carol

Painted by Carol

Hi, I'm Carol.

I saw my first watercolor demonstration in 2005. Wow, where had these been all my life? I'm still developing my self-taught technique.

I primarily focus on floral studies and animal portraits. Growing up on a farm in Needmore, Arkansas, I've always been an animal lover. My husband and I currently have three canine children - two old English sheepdogs and a basset hound. They take turns being the cover model on our Christmas card every year and the others get a new portrait on the inside.

An illness has made creating new works challenging, so I'm making the most of my existing paintings by using them for cards and jewelry. It's a lot of fun and I take pride in making the cutest, funniest items I can. Original paintings and jewelry (pendants, charms, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, tie tacks and tie bars) are available in my Etsy shop -

My paintings are donated twice each year for raffle at the Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival in my hometown of Waldron, Arkansas for cancer research in memory of my mother and a childhood friend. I've donated many custom watercolor pet portraits to rescue organizations.

In other info, I was a mainframe computer programmer for 30 years and I am writing a series of science fiction/fantasy novels.



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