At the early age of 7 years, I discovered my love and desire to paint and draw, and in my teens I decided to study freelance painting at the Academy of Art in
Hamburg, Germany.

Unfortunately, my parents decided being a freelance artist would never pay for anything and to quote my Dad "...this is not a real profession to begin with."

One day we were picking up my older brother from the Stained Glass Studio, where he had started an apprenticeship to be a journeyman glazier, and there for the first time I laid eyes on painted stained glass work.

I knew then where I wanted to go. I researched the location and reputation of two glass art academies in Germany and decided to study at the Erwin Stein Glass Academy in Hadamar, Germany. This is how my journey began, and today some 20 years later I am
the owner of GabrielStudiosArt located in Southern California, where I am using Old World craftsmanship and my passion for painting to create pictorial painted stained glass art. You can find small scale painted stained glass art at my shop online at from where I ship Nationwide.

Custom work is available, if you have fallen in love with a pictorial painted stained glass from the old master from long ago and like to have it re-created or similar done for your home just contact me or follow/like my page at

Thank you for visiting! Gabriele