Painting first “happened to me” like a Serendipity, a coincidence (during lockdown 2020). Similarly to when we meet a long lost friend. You may not recognize them at first because time has left a trace on their faces and bodies but thanks to the encounter you reunite with your lost part and re-live the sweet memories/feelings/particles of your subconscious. Such emotions arise in me when I try to re-create the visions/colours in my head. I just let these forgotten feelings, combined with transcendental messages from the Source, flow through me, manifest in a cacophony of colors/shapes and ultimately create visual/energetic harmony. As a highly sensitive, intuitive, idealistic and spiritual person my aim is to help people find back to their inner voice through my paintings, conveying the message that ALL SOLUTIONS/HEALING ARE WITHIN them. If we are open to listening within, and connecting to the SOURCE, signs/possibilities appear to us ready to guide us. We are never alone. There is always LIGHT, longing to shine through the cracks and lead us out of Darkness.

• Currently living in Hungary. (Lived in the USA and England, where artistic energies first began to manifest themselves more intensely in the form of photography first, resulting in several exhibitions after my return to Hungary.)

• Has always been under the spell of music, colours, shapes, light and contrast, and the beauty/elements of Nature. Keen protector of Nature, animals, children and the vulnerable.

* Teacher. Therapist and Instructor of the Self-healing of Jin Shin Jyutsu (Healing Art). Certified Herbalist. Lightworker, “Fairy” and “Seer/Feeler/Message-bearer”. Painter of Light/Energies and Healing Vibrations.

* Self taught. Main medium: Acrylic (on canvas panel/stretched canvas on wooden frame). Brushes/palette knives or any objects that are available for creative experimenting.

• Recurring themes in my pictures are energy patterns (such as swirls/spirals/motion) of chakras, and motifs/elements of spirituality and energy healing. I am also drawn to vibrant colours or very pale tones depending on my energetic state or mood. Spirituality and self-healing have always been a big part of my life. Lately, a very old dream of mine has materialized - combining healing and art; energizing my paintings through a dynamising technique. With these individually energized paintings I wish to help people to recharge their mind, body and spirit, as well as to restructure their energy field (thus promoting healing), or to just let them enjoy the harmony of colours/patterns in the paintings.
It is NOT ME painting. It is the UNIVERSE/Higher Energies expressing themselves through me. I often paint after meditation so any ENERGY that needs to be EXPRESSED on my canvases will
find its own matrix there in transformed/Restructured harmony.