My name is Gabriella Pályi. I was born 1976 in Hungary.
I live here to these days with my family, with my lovely daughter.
My originally profession is german- teacher.
Share of experiences, education, development of others are for
me highly important life-goals, equally as the self-improvement.

Me and Art: As a child I was keen of fine arts and literature maniacally.
I spent all my free time with the drawing and creating any kind of stories.

Not long after (was18 years old) I began to work with my mother together
in our atalier. Here we worked on Oilcopies for purchase order for
couple of years.
My favorite tools for art-creations are acriliyc and oil.

Inspiration/ Resources: Most common resources of my creations is the
natural environment. Highly important for me to spend more time
outside, in the nature. It gives me inspiration, makes me calm and gives the harmony and sense of life.
All items in this gallery were made from my photos with different
digital applications.