HI, WELCOME TO MY ART I am totally self taught, however I am my own worse critic so you can be sure that if I have a painting for sale, then I am happy with its outcome. If I find any mistakes, then its not for sale. .
A lot of my art is in the form of commissions, so if you too would like to commission me to do a painting , please email me with a close up photo and any views you would like in your paintings. A typical painting would have a front view, back view, side view and top of the vehicle. I do mainly paint things with engines but from time to time splash out on something a little different. I try not to paint ,, pets , people, I'm not so good with those. However I do hope you like my work so far.
I got started painting about 20001, until then I had only ever drawn pictures. It seemed that whenever I put paint to a drawing, ha, it just turned out a mess.
Nothing as far as I can see, changed, or maybe I change. I used to make wooden foot stools and paint cartoons on them. These I would sell to mark a child's birth, I would also burn their name and D.o B, onto the sides of the footstool. These all turned out fine, I think it was because they were cartoons and not serious paintings, no pressure.
Then I was asked to paint several motorcycles onto a stool for a friends brother's birthday. it was fine, I just approached it as if it was a cartoon. no pressure.
After that I painted many more motorcycles onto birch plywood, and now onto artboards. I strongly believe anyone can do what I do. Just take all the pressure out of your work. Do not think, its going to look awful, I cannot do this. No pressure, just enjoy what you do. I do..