My dear friends, welcome to my art gallery. Its my pleasure to share with you my journey as an artist and how I dedicate myself to this field. So here is my story......

I started my journey as a Fine artist right from my childhood. It was all natural and god gifted. It was a skill that was bestowed upon me by almighty. Self trained and self disciplined artist I would say. To me art is a form of meditation. Once I start making a painting then its just me , canvas and colors which means I forget everything else around me. I slowly loose sense of time as I progress with my painting until it reaches its final destination. For me art lives forever. My art theme varies and I have interest in painting each and everything that I see around me but mostly I like myself attaching to the nature and the natural forces whether its landscape, animals, birds, aquatic life.

No matter how much the technology progresses, nothing can replace the effect of brush strokes and emotions behind a painting that has been hand made.

A piece of art in our home does bring a sense of aesthetics. Everyday when we wake up looking at the artwork of our taste makes us feel fresh and gives a new outlook to life.

Please feel free to browse through my art gallery. Your suggestions, comments and feedback would be highly appreciated.