Oscar's Gallaria and Tavern

Oscar's Gallaria and Tavern


Hello and welcome to my Studio Gallery! My name is Oscar J Brigman.
Growing up in the sixties with a lot of family musicians around Sundays were a special day of the week for us. Coming home from Church the women would all go to the kitchen and start making the Sunday family supper. Summers were baseball games and winters had football games on the television where the men would gather round and the children would go out to play. The fun came after supper when we all came together on the screened in porch and the music started, but since I couldn't play an instrument, I had to learn how to sing which was very enjoyable but my real passion was art whether it was drawing or painting and it is something that's still a part of my life to this day.
Being a self taught artist doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing, although it might take you longer to learn something that a student would probably learn in a semester you will still learn it.
Today most artist will specialize in one media or another and even stick with certain styles and even subjects. A lot of self taught artists like myself are very versatile working with varying media and tackling every type of style and subject we can imagine.
Everything from portraiture to landscapes and still life paintings to historical and fantasy paintings.

My father was a veteran who entered service in 1944 and stayed in through Korea and Vietnam so you will also see artwork with a military theme from stories he would tell me as a child.
A few years ago I started teaching an Art Class locally which has given me an idea to start an online course for beginning to advanced artist.
My mother passed away in 2000 from cancer her portrait is the Red Scarf completed in 2004 from a photo taken in the late 80's. Another one is a black and white done of my niece who graduated High School in the mid 80's which was done in 2006 from her graduation photo.

I want to thank you for visiting with me today!

P.S.(Remember every day you wake up and see the world say thank you, for you've been blessed to live another day, cause one day we will all be 6 feet under a pile dirt. Tomorrow is promised to No One so every day above ground is a good day, no matter what may occur or what problems you may have nothing compares to being placed in a casket and lowered underground while no more being able to hug your loved one or talk to your children or play with your grandchildren.)
Have a glorious day and may GOD Bless !!
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Oscar J. Brigman
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