Studio 618

Studio 618

Bob Orsillo is an American artist who is celebrated for his beautiful and moving paintings and photographs. His artwork is characterized by its bright colors, strong black-and-white contrast, and powerful composition. Orsillo often explores themes related to nature, love, society, politics, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic, dystopia and spirituality in his work. His paintings and photographs are beloved by art collectors all over the world, and his work has been featured in many television shows and movies, as well as in exhibitions and museums. We hope you enjoy exploring his brilliant work!

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New film coming 2023 Netflix
Art currently featured in the hit movie "Blacklight" starring Liam Neeson
All images and video created by Bob Orsillo (c)

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Special Moments


Something Lost

In The Other Dream

Makes My Brain Explode In A Good Way

Beekeeper. Post Apocalyptic Surreal

Sometimes We Forget

Generation Next

Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine



Winter Hallow

Walking In The Rain

Post Apocalyptic Portraits


Sad Songs In The Rain



Looking Back At You



Salvadors Cat Salvador Dali




Black Feather

Car Parts

Lifes Surreal Abstractions

One Hour Later

Rainbow Faces