mail artist,one breath shi of 50,in 1978 my design was excepted and used as logo for thew" year of the children"campaine ,from 1980 to 85 produced 200+ peices such as triangle and sunslave,morgority in black ink on white,from 85 to 2000 produced geometric mandalas ,talismans,knot work as well as pen and ink and colour fantasy pices,most of these pices had flouresing and u.v. pigments.
in early 90s did approx 30 very large uv system back cloths plus matching side drops,used at top dance clubs and sci trance venuse .
2000 to present developed a huge catalogue of geomantric,knotwork,symblistic and fantacy pieces in uv and acrilic,pen and ink and multi media.

knotwork and mandallas

pen and inks