Orlando Vivas Art

Orlando Vivas Art



Orlando Vivas, Bachelor of Computing, dedicated for decades to teach Physics and Mathematics in the Naval School, in Venezuela, to later lend his services in the world of technology and systems, in the National Electoral Council, where he obtained his retirement in the year 1992, as Director of Analysis and Programming. Dedicating later, to what really caught his attention, the visual arts, which since then and until now continues to express through his creation through painting.

This is how he has dedicated himself for more than 20 years, to what has become his passion: to paint, allowing his soul and the interiorities of his life to be invaded by that brilliant attempt to do with meditations and reflections, the projection of his love for art, expressing in his canvases, his unique language, which shows with a magnificent colorist treatment that gives his works.

Orlando Vivas, when he started painting, did not look for a teacher, but masters of those who are already consecrated, codified in the books, as expressed by the Italian art critic Batrice Biggiani, in an interview at his art studio located in the city. Estado Lara, Venezuela, and it was from the books, and from his enthusiastic and restless spirit, where he learned, among other things, the art of painting, in a diverse and spontaneous way.

He has made collective and individual exhibitions, among which stand out:

• Whites Art Gallry. Miami, Florida. March 2019.
• Divina Devoción, Galería de Arte Centro Comercial Las Trinitarias. Barquisimeto. Estado Lara. Venezuela. 2018.
• Sensación Visual. Galería de Arte Centro Comercial Las Trinitarias. Barquisimeto. Estado Lara. Venezuela. 2018.
• Expresión del Color. Galeria Privada de Orlando Vivas. Cabudare. Estado Lara. Venezuela. 2013.
• Más Que Nubes. Sala de Arte de la Compañía Anónima Nacional de Teléfonos de Venezuela. Barquisimeto. Estado Lara. Venezuela. 2007.
• Magia del Color II. Museo Alberto Arvelo Torrealba. Estado Barinas. Venezuela. 2005.
• Magia del Color I. En la Inauguración de la Galería de Arte Guillermo Jimenez Leal de PDVSA. Estado Barinas. Venezuela. En donde recibió el reconocimiento de “Talento PDVSA”. 2005.
• Policromia. En La Casa de La Cultura de Yaritagua, Estado Yaracuy. Venezuela. 2003
• Genios de La Historia. Galería Privada Los Guayabitos. Distrito Capital. Venezuela. 1998.

Now, through his multi-colored canvases, he invites art lovers to enter his unique and original work, through his pictorial work, with the exhibition of new and previous works that he has kept in his private gallery.

2019 Collection