original art


Dear visitors,

I hope you enjoyed the tour and found the painting which makes you feel different.
I have been painting since early childhood, from the day when I was able to take a brush and do some brushstrokes. I can’t imagine a single day without the colors, brushes and canvases. My life is based on the painting. I like to paint and put all my effort and inspiration into my paintings.
I have dedicated all my life to fine art. I would like to mention that the foundation of my art works is not only based on the brightest professors which I had a pleasure to work with during my education, but also an inspiration obtained from the greatest painters of all times. These masterpiece paintings challenged and helped me to achieve my goals, to look for and explore new techniques and find innovation in any shade and in any color.
My love for fine art inspired me to obtain a Master’s degree in Fine Art and later PhD in Fine Art Therapy. I was happy to be a professor in Fine Art department and share my experience and knowledge with my students. When teaching at the university I encouraged my students to paint from their heart. I believe that when you paint you have to put your heart and soul into it and generously share it with everyone.

Thank You for visiting my Gallery.