Orest Tsyupko

Orest Tsyupko


Member of the creative association "Artist Verkhovyna". Born in Lviv. In 1989 he graduated from the State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in Lviv (department of ceramics), the professors of the artist. M. Ostrovsky, Y. Scandakov, E. Mysko. In addition to creativity, he is also engaged in public work: in 2007 he becomes the organizer and the head of the international plein air "Hust-ART", in 2012 he heads the Khust city art gallery.

The artist's achievements are extremely diverse and rich, several hundred canvases perfectly demonstrate the fullness of the creative nature of the artist. As the artist himself admits, he does what he wants, that "fell on his soul".

Orestes Tsyupko's paintings are executed on a variety of subjects and subjects, from the depiction of landscapes of native land, rural life or sea landscapes and ending with religious, sometimes - to a certain extent philosophical, deeply insightful works. On his canvases not only characters or objects, much more - mood, sensation, reflection. Various motifs are easily given to the author, he boldly experiments with the palette, playing with the colors that lie on the canvas, then by gentle and pastel divorces, it's like exploding with bright lines and strokes. As noted by art historians, working in different styles, the artist does not aim to create something that would surprise the world. It is more important for him to speak in each painting the way it pleases, adhering to the rigor and selection, even refinement.

 Since 1992 Orest Tsyupko has been a participant in regional and republican art exhibitions and plein airs. Since 2006 participates in international art projects in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia