Machale O'Neill

Machale O'Neill

I have painted all my life. For most of my life it has been my hobby, but since 2017 it is how I make my living. I have sold my work all around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. I have also been fortunate enough to live in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Norway. learning something new from each culture that has added to my art.

I am a mood painter that switches between Acrylics and Watercolours, with subject matters ranging from portraits to landscapes to animals, depending much on what I have seen and what I feel on that day. I also have political figures who I admire and inspire my work. Roger Casement a man who gave his life for his beliefs, is at the heart of much of my portraiture, as well as my families Irish roots, even though I now life in a beautiful, remote area of Scotland.

I hope my art brings to life a feeling of soul and energy and can bring you a sense of the contentment it brings to me.