Carol Montoya Artworks

Carol Montoya Artworks

Art for Animals Campaign

I will be launching a new series of paintings in my "Art for Animals" campaign. I began this program while living in Alaska in 2008. I'll be creating paintings to assist Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Organizations and Animal Rescue Services. This campaign has been an important part of sharing my talent as an accomplished watercolor artist in service to assist our planet to heal. Current organizations that have benefited from my work will be presented throughout this campaign.

I paint for the animals, especially those who are in captivity, need rescuing or environment is threatened. Through my work, I want to contribute in enriching the experience of both human and animal.

Most of the painting subjects have stories behind them. The Cat with Butterfly was inspired by the survivors both human and animal of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA in November 2018.

Purchase an original painting or print, the sale, minus costs to produce will be donated to a wildlife conservation group, advocacy group or environmental group conserving the ecosystem for the animal that is the subject of the painting.

The subjects in these paintings cover a vast list from the animal kingdom. The Grizzly Bear, the Sockeye Salmon, the Honey Bee, the retired Thoroughbred are just a few that need attention to their blight. I will display in this gallery as the finished pieces are ready for sale. You will also learn about the organizations these paintings are committed.

Please contact me if you know of any local wildlife, rescue or environmental group that could benefit from my campaign. Please share.

Threatened Species