Once upon a daylight dream of one multiplicity of abilities, Le Baron, Ace Mendez, Artsydhude and Artsydoodie are the four Insanities of one single sentient lover of nature, women, art(general and abstract) and human resilience.
For the four consists into the being of,
omzbot@gmail.com aka O. A. Melendez.
yes the fifth one is a true human.

My name is O.A. Melendez, welcome to my hallucinations of my art. When you have given time and some chump change.

My only concern and warning,
"This is my command,
welcome to my heaven and hell,
welcome to my love and my hatred,
abandon yourself fully and have a sense of
all Insanity,
and come back to your reality
when you want more.

Ask Gustav Dore,
Albrecht Durer,
Hal Foster,
Frank Frazzeta,
Jack Kirby,
and yes the Late great,
Charles Schultz.

They came in and out of the door of Influence and
and the wild side of Jack London.

Inspire me to be your Virgil and none of Dante and Milton's voice only to be a pencil of your
warm embrace,
"My audience"

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