Olivier Pringal

Olivier Pringal



French pastellist working with chalk on black paper for gallery exhibitions, drawings on demand on different size, shop deco.
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This is the story of a comic book kid, Marvel, his designers: Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko. A kid who represented hours during the inevitable boards Hermann, Greg, Tardi, Hergé, Uderzo.
The story of a rebellious adolescence during which a fan reproduced the vinyl covers of the giants of rock and hard rock, from LED ZEPPELIN to KISS, from IRON MAIDEN to METALLICA.
The story of a first job with the opportunity to mount different art exhibitions opening the first doors.
The story of a professional burnout, someone working a lot, too much, under constant pressure, without realizing that he was out of place.
The story of a renaissance, a work on oneself, the rediscovery of vanished values, a buried passion.
The story of several meetings, a return to drawing, a newfound confidence.
The story of a pencil turned chalk, a white sheet turned black on which the light takes its full dimension.
It is this story that brings me to be here today, in front of you, wishing that my pastel creations create emotions, curiosity and the desire to discover my work.

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