Olivia North is total creative force, openly celebrating freedom of expression. Born and raised in California, she grew up constantly dancing, acting and creating through any means possible. Currently based out of Portland and San Francisco, she is now she is a full-time model, photographer, director and performer, creating and directing both her own visions and brands, as well as content for others. She has her hands in many different projects that include music production, performance art, event production, creative writing, dance, fashion, erotic art and creative business . All of her art stems from the rejection of the conservative and leads to a celebration of the body, sex, life and expression. She finds herself bored with the same type of ads and campaigns, the same type of models at every agency, it feeds the single-minded ideal of beauty that is so persistent to live on. It must die, we must eat brain-food to stop it. She hopes to serve up a healthy heaping of brain-food in her time here.

Instagram: @olivianorthstar
Uncensored: suicidebreakfast.tumblr.com

Film Photography

Lovers by Thomas Rugg