Oliver Hojas

Oliver Hojas


Born in 1995 in Zürich Switzerland, Oliver Hojas is a young vibrant rising star on the Swiss art scene.

He creates art that inspires joy and freedom in the heart and mind of the observer.

Since childhood creativity has been his way to inspire those around him, however, whilst growing up, he experienced the oft challenge of the true artist by the unenlightened. That of being misunderstood yet admired from afar. Undeterred and spurred on by energy, passion, and devotion to his craft, this free spirit lavished every moment lovingly on his art.

First working originally as a carpenter, he was even then drawn back to creativity and his calling through two small pieces of wood. He painted the woods in different blue tones combined with white and sold one for CHF600.  Henceforth launched his art career.

“I saw it as a sign from the Universe that there is more to art than I previously thought”

In a society where, one is expected to follow the well-trodden path of a good-paying job, house, family & kids, etc, Oliver became much more fascinated with another world. That which is unknown, unseen, the spiritual world, the way of freedom, joy & peace.

From 17 years old, he started to use both silent and active meditations to discover who he is and what life is about.

In 2016 he started to read the book “The Artists Way” where he started to use painting as a self-healing tool. Then he combined meditation with art to paint more intuitively and consciously where the universe is painting with him and through him.

“Originally I started to paint only to heal and inspire myself, now I know that my art has the power to heal and inspire others”

Label him weird or genius?  Oliver cares not! For him, it is as natural and essential as breathing. Simply being himself. Living the life, he chooses to live feeling happy, spiritual and centered. How many of us can honestly state that?!

Too often are we programmed, to think we are not enough, that we need to change and be someone else. Better at this or better at that. Oliver encourages people to be themselves, to be courageously creative to celebrate being unique.

"I just love the excitement of an empty canvas, everything is possible, nothing is set. It fills me with such a feeling of freedom and joy and shows me limitless possibilities." 

"The art of abstract expression is for me so much more fun than painting tangible things, lines and forms - they have their place, but a piece of abstract art gives one’s imagination wings to fly anywhere and everywhere.  After all, we came from the invisible and we will go back to the invisible. All I try to do is to bring the invisible onto the canvas."

His paintings are associated with the extreme flow of energy, freedom, playfulness, creative power and joy. They bring the mysteriousness of the invisible world back to earth. Galleries, Auction houses, and art collectors big or small need seek no further to fill their rooms with artworks of beautiful vitality and inspiration.

“There is no right or wrong in art, it is pure play and experimentation.  Playing with colors, techniques, ideas, hopes, dreams, emotions and fantasies”.

Latterly Oliver has also turned his creative hand to textiles and created the first art clothing brand in Switzerland “Art Clothes Design”. The brand represents an artistic translation of his splash paintings onto fabrics enabling for custom made pieces.

"We come with nothing to this world and we will leave it with nothing and I want to make sure to leave my signature and make an impact in the life of others. We all need to have more beauty and be inspired to experience joy and freedom on a daily bases."

Art has the potential to make people feel real emotions, to make them feel alive, energized, happy, inspired, and, touched. It even has the power to transform your life. Through observing the piece of art your perception will change and you will discover more about you

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