Olga Verdi

Olga Verdi


Olga Verdi is a Russian artist who lives and works in France. Her interest in art began in very early childhood, and by the age of seven, she began painting. Olga won her first city art show while still attending an elementary school, and by the time she was in high school, her choice in visual arts was decided upon. After high school, Olga received formal education in Fine Arts and Design at Moscow Kosygin State University of Fine Arts, Design and Technology. Throughout her career, Olga has done many commissioned works.

Artist Statement:
I love to paint in oil, a medium that reserves so many possibilities, the fact that made me addicted to it. I feel blessed with the ability to transfer the beauty of nature and share it through my paintings with you.

Recently I painted "tree series" depicting trunks and roots of trees, which may on a metaphorical level relate to our human nature in a way. What we humans and nature around us are made of, and where our roots are – is one of the thoughts that may come to mind while reflecting on a play of brush strokes and colour swirls in the paintings. 

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olga.verdi.art/

My recent portfolio : https://adobe.ly/3lAxrYI