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Olga Adam Art Gallery


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Hello dear Friend, My name is Olga, and It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for expressing your interest in my work. I am glad to show the worlds I see in my mind and be able to share the beauty, poise, grace, and infinite possibilities of God's creations through my expressions.

A bit more about me: an Original Digital Media Artist based in the USA who delivers highly valued fine Artwork to add to your collection.You could always enquire about Original Artwork Piece, available to purchase through my online Art Gallery www.OlgaAdamArtGallery.com

I Have a few catalogs and many artwork pieces available for you to view and find the one that speaks to you the most .

Please feel free to email with a request to add an artwork you would love to BUY AS PRINT and I will make it happen!

Artwork Is a Devine connection to your Soul
Every painting has its own unique meaning that speaks to you. Find yours.

Contemporary Expressions: Surrounding lonesome Visions

Natures Divinity of Colors: Eternal creations

Abstract: Chaotic pattern of a Fluid thought of a particular image imprinted in your mind

Expressions of Body and Soul: Divine Momentum of Grace

Surreal Dreams : Dreams in vivid expressions of the worlds I see

Thank you!

Natures Divinity of Colors


Surreal Dreams

Expressions of Body and Soul

Contemporary Expressions